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Dog sledding in Lapland vs dog sledding in Alaska?2018-06-06T00:02:58+02:00

Lapland is a unique part of the world. Whereas in Alaska you often need to board a small plane to reach pristine places, in Lapland the wilderness is easily accessible yet genuine and untouched. We operate in Kiruna which is situated 200km north of the Arctic Circle. Most sled dogs trips in Alaska are situated much further south. So, if you want to experience the real ARCTIC (without having to visit the North Pole) Lapland is the place for you. Lapland also offers a genuine cultural experience which includes the indigenous Sámi people and local winter festivals. In addition, Kiruna is the home of the world famous ICEHOTEL. A trip to Lapland offers the best of everything!

What else is there to do in Kiruna – Lapland?2018-06-06T00:02:50+02:00

You can visit ICEHOTEL, explore the indigenous Sámi reindeer culture, go down hill skiing at the world’s northernmost skiing resort and go hunting for the northern lights. If you travel to Kiruna at the end of January you can enjoy the Kiruna Snow Festival in downtown Kiruna.

Does dog sledding require a certain level of fitness?2018-06-06T00:02:44+02:00

Our trips are designed to suit everybody, regardless of age, fitness or experience. On some of our trips you ride as a passenger in our sleds and also on the “drive your own team-trips” the option to travel as a passenger is always available.

Kiruna is far north of the Arctic Circle – will I be cold during the trip?2018-06-06T00:02:37+02:00

Prior to departure, our guests are equipped in arctic gear from head to toe. Because the air in Lapland is very dry, you will feel warm when dressed in our winter gear.

Can I view the northern lights during a dog sledding trip?2018-06-06T00:02:31+02:00

The northern lights, aurora borealis, are often visible in Lapland. Our Aurora Ride is especially designed for those interested in northern lights viewing. Also our overnight trips are a great opportunity to admire the northern lights.

Will we encounter wildlife during the trip?2018-06-06T00:02:23+02:00

There is plenty of wildlife in Lapland. We frequently encounter reindeer and moose on the trail and birds such as ptarmigan and eagle. Dog sledding is a silent way of travelling which means we can approach wild animals without disturbing them.

There are many sled dog tour companies in Lapland, why should I choose Active Lapland?2018-06-06T00:04:36+02:00

Active Lapland is among the companies with the longest experience of running dog sledding trips for tourists. We also have the largest capacity in the region (the largest number of dogs) which means that we can cater for both large and small groups. Since we have many dogs to choose from, our sled dogs get plenty of rest and are always happy to hit the trail.

Does your service differ from that of other similar companies?2018-06-06T00:05:08+02:00

Active Lapland strive to provide the best possible trips for our guests. This means that we pay attention to detail and aim to provide “that little extra” which keeps our guests returning year after year. With over 30 years of experience in tourism, we know how to create memories that last a lifetime.

What is included in the price?2018-06-06T00:05:37+02:00

Pick-up from your hotel and return transfer, use of warm winter gear, assistance of Active Lapland’s professional guides, drinks and meals on trips where this is offered.

From where can I be picked up?2018-06-06T00:06:07+02:00

Our pick-up service includes all hotels within 20 km of Kiruna and Jukkasjärvi. This means that we will also pick-up guests staying at the world famous Ice Hotel. Please be outside the front entrance of your hotel 10 min before the start of your trip. You can also choose to be picked up directly at Kiruna Airport by booking our Airport Pickup by Sled Dog trip.

If you’re staying in Abisko or Björkliden we cannot pick you up from your hotel but will be pleased to greet you outside Scandic Ferrum Hotel in central Kiruna when you book a trip with us. In this case, mention Scandic as your hotel when you make a booking.

What are your safety measures?2022-06-03T17:39:29+02:00

Unlike some other companies, we do not let a guest drive another guest in the sled. A holiday should be all about relaxing and having fun and this does not involve being responsible for another guest’s safety. During trips where passenger sleds are used, they are always driven by professional guides who have the experience and training necessary for the job. On trips where you drive your own team of huskies, the sled only carriages your luggage and gear.

My company has 50 employees. Do you have capacity for larger groups?2018-06-06T00:07:09+02:00

Active Lapland is a collaboration between several larger tour operators in Lapland. This means we can cater for groups of nearly any size. Early bookings are of course essential.

How many dogs will pull the sled?2018-06-06T00:07:37+02:00

If you choose a trip where you will drive your own team, 4 huskies will be pulling the sled. On trips where guests ride in the sled there will often be more dogs on each team.

Are your dogs friendly?2018-06-06T00:08:16+02:00

Our Alaskan huskies are socialized with people, including our own kids, from an early age and love the attention they receive from guests. You will make many new friends during your trip!

Can I visit your kennel and see how your dogs live?2018-06-06T00:08:49+02:00

Yes, our Airport Pickup by Sled Dog package includes a visit to our kennel where you get to greet the dogs and meet some of our older puppies. During your visit you will also learn a little about the running of a sled dog kennel.

Are your dogs happy pulling sleds?2024-04-25T09:03:30+02:00

All you have to do is watch the hook up to the sleds and the excitement our dogs show to know they love doing what they were born to do. Our huskies thrive when working as sled dogs in the climate and environment they were intended for. They love to run and perform a job, and equally love to socialise with our guests and guides during training and excursions. At Active Lapland, our dogs are always at the centre of attention.

How do I reach Active Lapland from abroad?2018-06-20T20:17:07+02:00

The easiest way is to book a flight with Scandinavian Airlines from Stockholm. The flight to Kiruna Airport in Swedish Lapland is approx. 1h 35 min. You can also travel by train to Kiruna. SJ, the Swedish rail company, has daily departures to and from Kiruna.

What about sled dog welfare?2024-04-25T09:06:19+02:00

Our dogs are part of a family operated company with 30 years of experience of training and caring for Alaskan huskies. We aim for the highest standards in all aspects of our company and that includes our dogs. We are licensed and follow animal welfare guidelines and the requirements of Sweden’s Animal Welfare Act, with yearly routine inspections of our facilities. We pride ourselves on putting in the extra mile to ensure our dogs get the very best care, socialisation, diet and training. After all, they are super athletes and deserve the best!

Do you provide warm winter gear?2018-06-20T20:10:19+02:00

We provide a warm overall, winter boots, hat and gloves.

Can you cater for special food requirements?2018-06-20T20:09:26+02:00

We can accommodate most dietary requirements if we are informed in advance. Please let us know at the time of booking of any food requirements or allergies.

Do you have a minimum age for children?2018-06-20T20:12:49+02:00

We have a minimum age limit of 4 years for most of our passenger dog sledding tours.

We recommend you to be 15 years old to drive your own team.

The child’s rate is applied to anyone 12 years and under. Please respect that proof of age can be required.

Do you offer private tours?2018-06-20T20:13:45+02:00

Yes, it’s possible to book any of our tours on a private basis, please contact us for more information.

What is your cancellation policy?2020-10-05T19:49:19+02:00
A full refund is provided for cancellations made 7 days or more prior to the departure date. No refund is provided for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the departure date.
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